Car Care Businesses and Add-in Service Concepts

Let’s say you have an auto business up and running and you are looking to make more money, but adding on new services. You are not sure what you want to do, but you have a pretty good customer base and you want to provide a service that people want and that they are willing to spend top dollar for. Well, let me suggest auto detailing type concepts.

Once you are up and running with a co-brand, business opportunity, independent business or franchise fixed site or mobile unit then what; what can you add to your set of services which will be an easy sell to your current customer base? Where do you go from there? Luckily in the detailing business your possibilities are truly unlimited. If you own automotive repair shop you can go mobile without taking up another bay in your shop. If you are mobile or have mobile service available you could branch out and detail aircraft. National Detail Systems has a comprehensive manual for this market niche as a business opportunity. Greg Dumond of National Detail Systems; , formerly Polish Masters has plenty of experience to back up his system. Another system Aircraft Wash Guys is an aircraft washing and detailing franchise, website although they have decided not to franchise anymore and keep the money from services to themselves. (FYI; I own this company).

Perhaps you are a fisherman or a nautical type. How about Boat Detailing and services? Well there is Q-Lube Marine out of Salt Lake, UT; Nauticare out of Newport Beach and The Boat Wash Guys at;

(FYI; I own this company and due to Marine Liability Insurance Rates we are no longer franchising it), a unique system mounted on a pontoon boat and can work right in the water. WOW-Wash on Wheels at [] ; also has a marine system available on a trailer. National Detail System also recognizes the value in Marine Detailing Services and it has become a significant part of their overall marketing plan.

If you are looking for a complimentary business for your automotive business perhaps you might wish to think outside the box a little. Branch out and go for the higher dollar ticket crowd, anyway, definitely something to think on.