FaceBook Marketing Simplified – 4 Social Media Marketing Tips For Your Local Business

FaceBook marketing is currently the rage because FaceBook.com has developed into the largest social networking platform on the internet. So large, in fact, that it threatens to seriously disrupt Google’s advertising model which is based primarily on the popularity of search.

What happens when so many people spend so much time on Facebook that they can conveniently ask their “friends” for recommendations rather than searching themselves? What happens when the crowd becomes the searching mechanism rather than a search engine?

Fortunately for you the answer to that question is Google’s problem and not yours.

For your small business, you can win both ways by social media optimization that leverages both Facebook and Google.

Social media optimization is simply the process of making your content easy to share and syndicate across multiple social media platforms. It has become more important as the social media marketplace becomes more and more fragmented. There are literally thousands of social media websites and tools scattered across the world wide web. And that’s why it has become all the more important to have strong presence on FaceBook.

Facebook has emerged as the leader in the social networking world. As of the original publishing of this article, the website has over 400 million users, and an amazingly high 50% of their users log in on any given day.

Here are 4 tips to help you leverage this powerful platform to build clients, revenues and profits for your local business.

1. Study how people use it.

Before you jump in to start marketing your business, I recommend you study the way people like to interact with each other on the website. In general, people use Facebook to stay in touch, share personal pictures, and share fun, interesting stuff. You marketing should have the same tone.

2. Don’t be a stranger.

Start by creating a personal profile. Make sure that in your personal profile, you come across as interesting, fun and engaging. Optimize your profile to include your unique selling proposition, a compelling direct response offer, links to your website and other custom content (your YouTube Channel for instance) and personal information like your favorite foods, books, movies and Facebook pages.

3. Don’t be boring.

This may be the cardinal sin of engagement on any social media platform. Invest in pictures, graphics, videos and content that is fun, interesting and ultimately connected to the business you’re in. Be prolific when it comes to spotting interesting, exciting, bizarre or quirky things. You also have to be prolific at sharing those things.

4. Create a Facebook Page.

A page on Facebook is different from a profile. For one thing, profiles limit you to a maximum of 5,000 “friends” or connections, while there are no limits on how many people can “Like” (subscribe to) your page.

In addition, a page can be administered by multiple administrators. And since they are designed for use by brands, businesses and organizations, they can also be created and used by anonymous admins. Check the Terms of Service on how to use those without running afoul of their policies.

Another powerful benefit of a page is that all the sections that make up a Facebook page are accessible to the search engines and to web visitors who are not members of FaceBook. This is huge. It means that you can have the benefits of social media optimization (traffic from your Facebook friends) and the benefits of search engine optimization (Web traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing).

So you can use your page content to drive traffic to your own websites or to your email subscription pages.

Finally, Facebook pages can be customized by installing an application known as “Static FBML” (FaceBook Markup Language). FBML allows you to include HTML on your Facebook page so that you can do nifty things like customizing a welcome page that includes a YouTube Video and an email sign-up box.