Work From Home Businesses Have Reason to Be Happy About the Upheavals in the Online World

Once upon a time, a work from home business can never compete against a branded business with a prestigious office address. But then here came the internet age. The “URL” became a very lucrative substitute for a prestigious office address, and much less expensive too!

Now, any owner of a work from home business with a neatly maintained website AND sound internet marketing strategy can fight it out online with the so-called “giants” in the offline world.

The Website is a Door

The website is one’s door into an expanding, borderless, and global online world. According to Internet World Statistics (see endnote), in the 10-year span from 2000 to 2010, internet users worldwide increased from 360 million to 2 billion, a 444% increase! Moreover, while internet users in North America grew by 146% in that same period, the rest of the world grew by 572%!

The good news is that the online world is a much better place to establish a work from home business. The not-so-good news is that there are also hundreds of millions of other businesses out there who have a website. So, how does your customer find you in the haystack?

Internet Marketing is the Beacon

While the website is one’s door to the online world, internet marketing is the beacon to attract others to exchange their cash with the value you are offering.

But while the online world is expanding, internet marketing undergoes constant upheavals as well! For example, when blogs became a potent force (it still is) in internet marketing, then came social media that allowed people to share blogs, share photos, share links, share notes, and know what’s up and what’s new by typing something on their status boxes, etc. Status boxes then became so cool that micro-blogging evolved, which allowed anyone to “twit” one’s instantaneous updates to friends or “followers.”

There are relatively undiscovered places too in the online world. While almost everybody now know about search engines like Google or Yahoo, many still lose out on the power of search engine submitters, directories, classified ads, opt-in emails and articles.

Yes, only God knows what’s next in the internet world. The good news is, these upheavals are good for home businesses. The upheavals affect both big and small players. But the most potent advantage of a work from home business is that it does not have a bureaucracy. It can make decisions and implement them in a snap.

The Rise of Home-Based Internet Marketing Consultants

The problem with most businesses is that knowing what’s up and what’s new in the internet world is not their business! But, yes, they need internet presence to do business and remain competitive. They are real estate brokers, lawyers, doctors, dentists, massage therapists, health care providers, retail stores, restaurants, insurance agents, contractors, manufacturing companies, wholesale supply companies and many more types.

What I see is the rise of independent internet marketing consultants whose value lies in their ability to see the “big picture” of a business. They leave it for later any discussion about the website. Instead, they find out first the nature of one’s business, who the customers are and where they can be found in the online world. Then they design a strategy that involves not just the website, but also the whole range of internet marketing tools available at very affordable prices in the online world.

The internet marketing consultant will tell you how to design your website, what to put in there, how to link it up with Blogger, WordPress, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Photobucket or Flickr, LinkedIn, Ezine, Wikipedia,, Digg, Clickbank,, Google, Paypal or AlertPay, and many more!

Of course, internet marketing consultancy can also be a work from home business on its own! Wouldn’t it be nice seeing home businesses serving other home businesses in your own neighborhood? Wouldn’t it be heart-warming to see legitimate business ran by parents who spend more time with their families at home?

I think the world is rolling into this picture.

Endnote: You can check Internet World Statistics at

Marvin Macatol is a Life Coach, Blogger and Internet Marketer. Offline, he is an advertising entrepreneur. Everything he does revolves around being a good husband and father; as well as a good servant to others who want to move from A to B in their homes and work places.